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About Uprising

<Uprising> is a semi-hardcore guild dedicated to achieving our goal of cutting edge every tier without compromising our belief that community comes first. After achieving 7/7M in Emerald Nightmare, we've set our sights on Nighthold. Now we are looking to expand our roster and take down Guldan once and for all.

When you join <Uprising> you are getting much more than just a guild. We are a community, working together to achieve all of our goals, from attaining Cutting Edge to pushing Mythic+ and more. There is always someone around willing to offer a helping hand, whether its taking down that pesky WQ boss or filling out your dungeon group. 

We are first and foremost a raiding guild, as such you can expect to find a steady and stable raiding environment with us. One that offers a high level of progression and a friendly atmosphere in which to achieve it. We offer feedback and advice to help all our raiders improve, both throughout the trial period and during your time as a raider with us.
We foster a strong sense of community and camaraderie here, and as such you can expect to find an atmosphere without drama and needless stress. We encourage all of our raiders to take part in tactics discussion and you can expect your opinions and ideas to be heard.

So if you are interested  in making <Uprising> your new home, simply click here for our Application Forum.

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