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re: [Declined] prot prot prot


Armory Link:
What is your main Spec? My main spec is protection

Artifact Level?
Whats your Off-spec and OS artifact level?
arms 30-32
What is your current/previous guild?

Ice cold flex
Why did you leave/want to leave them?

they arent that cool...
Your raiding experience, Old and Current Content?

Playing since vanila,tanking since cataclysm, on this patch 1 month after release. EN 7/7 HC TOV3/3HC HN8/10hc 
What addons do you use to help your performance in raids? dbm, skada, elv ui , mythic timer

Briefly outline your play style. Including pre-pull actions, opening rotations and general actions you take during an encounter.Before pulling  i eat some food and drink some flask and runes, trying to take much agro , holding boss on me , trying to save the raid , my opening rotation is simple:charge/leap/taunt(depends on situation) and then starting to shield slam revenge devasted on cd . Using def cd if need, trinkets too, using pots too ( ive got some alchemy skillz ).

Please explain your talent choices. Give examples of what you take on a given boss encounter and the reason you choose these talents over others.idk guys having fun when tanking, its interesting, watched so many vids and tactics about new bosses, following these tactics aswell. 


Please provide a combat log parse (Warcraft logs link or similar).
Can you use TeamSpeak for communication during raids?

Yes, i can use discord too 
We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20:30-23:30, can you guarantee 75%+ attendance?

90% i think depends on my shift ( they are only sunday monday thusday)
Why did you choose us to apply to? Any reasons why we should recruit you?Ive been searching for friendly good progress guild, and i think ive found it :), love raiding and communicating too :) 

How did you find out about us?Oldfox told me :)


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re: [Declined] prot prot prot


Hi relinquished,

Thank you for taking the time to apply. Unfortunately we will not be offering a trial spot at this time. Good luck finding a guild.

 - Zulrayn

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