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re: [Accepted] Yamih 110 Outlaw Rogue (853)


Personal Information:

Your real name and age?

Thomas Solli, age 26

Where do you come from?


Can you speak/write in English to a high standard?


Your interests away from World of Warcraft?

I am currently a student, studying housing law, I also happen to study at a school located in the middle of nowere, we live in a small "town" with 5000 people, were roughly 2500 of us are students. My time is spentdrinking, gaming, studying(occasonally) and generally being social with the people around me.

Generally I would say I am an extremely social person, I spend my days surrounded by people, be it out in the wild, or on voice communication with friends or online friends.

Character Information







Armory Link:

What is your main Spec?

Outlaw, or as a proper rogue would call it -> Pirate

Artifact Level?

19, (all Suramar side quests are still availiable for a serious bump in AP)

Whats your Off-spec and OS artifact level?

I currently have no offspec, and no points invested in any other weapon

What is your current/previous guild?

I am the co-creator and raid leader of the guild Amused to Death, I led the guild with Bloen/Relis from Late cataclysm to late mist of Pandaria. I stepped out towards the start of WoD. Amused to death was a high realm ranked guild on Defias-Brotherhood from Cataclysm -> Warlords of Draenor

I have also played in a multitude of strong guilds troughout my time raiding.

To list some:

Order of the badger - Vanilla raiding

Forte - Vanilla raiding (One of the top, if not the top alliance guild in Vanilla)

Focused - TBC raiding

Amused to Death(first iterration of guild) - Wrath of lich king -> Mist of pandaria

Why did you leave/want to leave them?

Amused to Death disbanded sometime during Warlords of Draenor, I was not playing at the time, so I am not sure what happened to the guild, which means I am currently without a guild.

I went inactive in the end of Mist of Pandaria, I was fatigued, and felt the responsabilities I had in the guild as raid leader had taken to much of a toll on me. I became more of a job than a fun and interactive thing to spend your evenings on. The guild originally started out (restarted in late cataclysm) as a 10 man raiding guild, we had a strong sense of community and had fun performing well while having fun chats on voice coms. We decided to expand our guild from the 10 man style to 25 man, and the guild quickly grew. A daily stream of reading began, boss tactics, mountains of applications and random conflicts between guild members.

It was simply not fun anymore, the game itself was ruined for me at this point and I quit playing, after trying to delegate the chores I previously had between the remaining officers.

Every guild I have played in have always had this need to be the best, I guess it was the type of player I used to be aswell, but somewere along the way you lose track of why you play the game in the first place, and for me the reason has always been to have fun. I also have to add here that I find the game to be more fun when I challange myself in various ways to make sure I improve on a regular basis. but, my goals now are that I raid at at rate I find enjoyable, while surrounding myself with people who do not chase drama, or induse it on a regular basis, but instead have a friendly, calm and collected bunch, all whilst working towards the common goal of defeating the bosses.

Your raiding experience, Old and Current Content?


Cleared every boss in the game exept four horseman and above.

The Burning Crusade:

Cleared every boss exept M`uru and above.

The Wrath of the lich king:

Cleared all bosses in the game on Heroic.


Cleared all bosses in the game on Heroic.

Mist of Pandaria:

Cleared all bosses in mogu shan Vaults on heroic.

Cleared all bosses in Heart of Fear on heroic.

Cleared all bosses in Terrace of Endless spring on Heroic.

Cleared all bosses in Throne of thunder on Normal, and half of them on heroic

I reached a fatigue state and stopped raiding here. I returned occasonally and participated in some kills along the way. but I did not raid frequently again.

Warlords of Dreanor:

I played during WoD, but I spent my time mostly focused on PvP and other activities, such as playing with friends, doing challange modes, pushing a smaller group of players that all enjoyed playing together through whatever content we had availiable, but I did not raid seriously.


I cleared the first 5 bosses on normal and did quite a few attempts on Cenarius, before the pick up group decided to disband

What addons do you use to help your performance in raids?

Bossmods, weakauras2, bartender4, Wlogs, simcraft, trinketsimulations and rogue forums on MMO-champ, or

Briefly outline your play style. Including pre-pull actions, opening rotations and general actions you take during an encounter.

The outlaw class is a tricky one when it comes to opening sequence and sustained rotations, as things changes and adapts rapidly with the randomness assosiated with Roll the bones.

The following sequence is assumed for a fight that last for 3-10 minuttes (General raid boss, patchwerk style):

1. Prepot

2. Marked for Death

3. Roll the Bones

4. Ambush

5. Saber slash/Pistol shot til 5/6 combo points depending on buff.

6. Here starts the RNG, well really it started somewere before you selected the spec, but lets try to outline what to do from here. We have a variaty of desirable buffs, and buff combinations, the thumb rule is any 2 buffs is good, keep them. For single buffs you either keep CDR or CRIT. CRIT is kept if adrenalin rush + Curse of the Dreadblades is ready. If not reroll. If neither is ready and you roll CDR, and energy is already pooled 70+ keep it one run trough (This part part I just mentioned have been widely discussed as CDR is the single best buff, but alone your damage during this buff is weak, but it gives you potential down the road) I have play tested and read simulations on both rerolling it and keeping it, and they both seem to yield about the same results.

7. Lets assume we got a double buff that is not energy + combo point (In which case you pop CDs and nuke if prepot is active, or use standard rotation if not) Adrenalin rush + Dreadblades + trinkets/racials(not troll racial)

8. rotating Saberslash/pistol shot(if proced) and Run through until Dreadblades end.

9. Standard rotation, 5/6 combo points depending on buffs -> run through

10. Fill with vanish -> ambush when possible to gain 2 combo points

11. Marked for Death if you have it off cooldown and on 1 or less combo points.

12. Reroll buffs, when buffs runs out roll new ones instead of Run through -> aim for 2 buffs, or crit if dreadblades is ready.

13. If I roll CDR with one or more of my buffs, I can either line Adrenalin rush with dreadblades again, or use it earlier depending on how far it has been reduced.

14. When dreadblades is ready again, use them with next potion, make sure to pool energy beforehand and make sure you have a decent buff before hand, CRIT is the best.

This list could honestly go on forever, simply because the buffs would change the order up entirely. 


Get 2 buffs, use CDs, burst rotation -> standard rotation (Prepot before fight)

Please explain your talent choices. Give examples of what you take on a given boss encounter and the reason you choose these talents over others.


Level 15

I am currently running quick draw, as it has been simulating the best since the start. I have recently noticed a shift in the community, and people are starting to lean towards Ghostly strike. This is something I am currently keeping a close eye on. And will do further testing myself to determine which one performs better.

The last talent in this tier Swordmaster, is simply underperforming both the other chooices.

Level 30

This row has the most frustrating talent choices I have ever seen, Hook is a fantastic skill if the fight has alot of movement and requires me to switch to targets that are away from my current one. While Acrobatics strike gives you 3 extra yards on your melee attack, which can be huge when using blade flurry. Acrobatic strikes generally speaking is my go to talent, due to the fact that it secures my hits on all nearby targets. 

Generally speaking the choice here lies within the fight. Heavy movement go hook, all other situations take acro strike.

Hit and run is a talent I can only consider if I get my legendary boots (increased damage based on movement speed), otherwise it simply is outperformed by the two other options.

Level 45

Deeper stratagem, 10% increase in damage on finishers and you can get 6 combo finishes on top of that. Run through usually does 40-50% of my damage on a boss, meaning this talent increases my primary damage further.

Both the two other options simply fall short in the row, I cannot think of any situation were the other options would be better.

Level 60

My opinion on this row will differ as to what boss/content we are currently doing, Usually I run Cheat Death, but if the fight requires a ton of healing that we for some reason cannot do I will run with one of the two other options. Using either of them is a DPS loss(if you ever activate the skills)

Level 75

In a boss fight without CCable adds this row essentially does nothing. If there are adds that we generally want dead quickly I would run Prey on the weak to increase the raids damage by 10% on the add. However this is so situasional that I do not see any of the choices superior.

Level 90

Alacrity, far superior too the other options. Cannonball barrage could be picked if we need spot AoE quickly and killing spree if you need to burst quickly. Alacrity simply gives you far higher sustained damage.

Level 100

I run Marked for Death in this row. However this is another talent I am not confident to say that is the end all be all talent. The two others have their merits, and could clearly be better in certain situations. A general problem for the Outlaw spec is RNG, you can run a short fight and only reroll buffs over and over. If the RNG is causing the wipes consistantly, you could take slice and dice. In general it is a 10-15% damage loss, but your spec is now consistant (I would never advice playing with this in general, but I can imagine scenarios were RNG would destroy you, for instance on spine of Deathwing Tendons)

Death from above is a good talent aswell, if the fight is long and you hit multiple targets for an extended period of time, this talent might outshine Marked for Death.

Further testing on the level 100 talents is required, both for myself and throughout the rogue community.

Talents in general

I have simply listed what I generally run above, and explained some things around my thoughts on each talent, like I have breached on multiple times in the post, the fights changes the talents you would want to run. so the choices might simply differ from fight to fight. No choice is set in stone, and all of them might be better in certain situations.

Please provide a combat log parse (Warcraft logs link or similar).

I am afraid I have no relevant logs to show back too, I have not ran my wlog since I last raided seriously back in Mist of Pandaria.

Can you use TeamSpeak for communication during raids?

Yes, gladly

We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20:30-23:30, can you guarantee 75%+ attendance?

Sounds perfect

Why did you choose us to apply to? Any reasons why we should recruit you?

Solocide always comes back after the raids you have both cheerful and slighly exhausted(Apperantly ShadowPriest dps is rough :D) , This is a sensation I would like to have when playing the game again. I would also like to mention that I am competetive, I will do anything in my power to improve how I play my character, and I will make sure that I perform the best I can every raid.

I also want to raid again, but I would like to raid in a guild like yours, progressive, but not to the extent were you hate everyone around you after a raid because the frustration of not killing the boss and getting realm first is eating away at everyones mind.

How did you find out about us?

We are a bunch of Real life friends that decided to play together again for Legion (actually we have multiple people that we have simply just played with in the past with us aswell). We wanted to do mythic+ together and enjoy the game as a team. Solocide is one of these members, we decided on Defias-brotherhood as our base of operations, and he went on to find a guild here. I speak with him on a regular basis on skype, and he keeps telling me positiv things about the guild. This peaked my interest, and this is also why both me And lavendel is currently applying to the guild.


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re: [Accepted] Yamih 110 Outlaw Rogue (853)


Hey yamih,

Sorry for the delayed response. I've talked it over with the officers and would like to offer you a trial raid spot. 

Please /w me ingame for a guild invite.

 - Elsayn

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