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re: Declined] Skrrtskrrt 110 Rogue Application


Your real name and age?
Michal Dobosz , 16
Where do you come from?

Glasgow , UK
Can you speak/write in English to a high standard?

Yes, i have lived in the UK for most of my life with english as my first language
Your interests away from World of Warcraft?

Gym, football, playing other videogames etc

Character Information







Armory Link:

What is your main Spec?:


Artifact Level?:


Whats your Off-spec and OS artifact level?:

Outlaw, 18

What is your current/previous guild?

Nuclear Annihilation

Why did you leave/want to leave them?

Too casual and They weren't active enough for me. I have a lot of spare time on my hands usually , and with them there wasnt much happening aside from the weekly normal raid so i had to resort to PuG's to experience heroic content and mythic+ dungeons. Aside from that, it felt as if the guild didnt know each other at all, and the teamspeak was really silent most of the time with barely any social interaction.

Your raiding experience, Old and Current Content?

At the end of MoP when i first picked the game up properly, i would usually just do LFR and pug Flex raids. In WoD i took a year long break just before HFC came out so i only really did Normal Highmaul with a casual guild and Normal BRF with pug's. Currently, im 7/7 N Em  and 1/7 HC (most kills were from PuGs) and itching to do more raiding.

What addons do you use to help your performance in raids?

Tidy Plates, weakauras, DBM, combat points redux, SuF

Briefly outline your play style. Including pre-pull actions, opening rotations and general actions you take during an encounter.

As assassination, i will pre pot on 2 secs before pull, then open up fromsteath with garrote, mutilate then rupture. i then use vendetta and mutilate until 6 CP then vanish rupture and exsanguinate and Kingsbane. Then i spam 5/6 CP envemon until i need to refresh rupture. I use exsanguinate and Kingsbane when off cd, and try to align Vendetta, vanish and exsanguinate/ kingsbane for big bursts. Whenever there is a soak mechanic i will feint in order to minimize as much damage being done as possible.

Please explain your talent choices. Give examples of what you take on a given boss encounter and the reason you choose these talents over others.


Elaborate planning>Nightstalker>Deeper Stratagem> Elusiveness>Prey on the weak> Exsanguinate> Venom Rush

as assassination, i run elaborate planning over hemorrhage as it sims higher. depending on how fast adds in a fight need to be bursted down, i will choose Prey on the weak over thugee.  


Ghostly Strike>acrobatic strikes>deeper stratagem> Elusiveness> Prey on the weak>alacricity>marked for death

As outlaw, the talents rarely change other than prey on the weak and thugee again.

I run with deeper stratagem for both specs as it also sims the highest currently. However i am quick to pick and learn to play with new talents if others will overtake them in sims.

Please provide a combat log parse (Warcraft logs link or similar).

Unfortunately due to lack of experience with warcraft logs and other similar sites, i had advanced combat logging disabled in the ingame settings. If necessary i will try to provide them at  a later date.

Can you use TeamSpeak for communication during raids?

We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20:30-23:30, can you guarantee 75%+ attendance?

Yes, i have lots of free time so i will rarely miss a day.

Why did you choose us to apply to? Any reasons why we should recruit you?

 I chose to apply to you as out of the few semi-hardcore guilds in DefiasBrotherhood Uprising strikes me to be a guild with high hopes and and determined attitude which is what i look for in a guild. You should recruit me as i feel like im above average in terms of skill, i am eager to learn from more battle hardened WoW raiders, and I will very rarely not show up for a raid. I have been told by other people i am quite  a chill person that will be ready to share jokes and socialise.

How did you find out about us?

I found out about you from checking the top guilds on Defias Brotherhood on Wowprogress.


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re: Declined] Skrrtskrrt 110 Rogue Application


Hi Skrrtskrrt,

Thank you for taking the time to apply. We discussed your application and have decided that we will not be offering you a trial spot at this time. We wish you the best of luck finding a guild. 

 - Elsayn

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