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re: [Declined] Raid Application - 110 - MM Hunter - ilvl 831


Your real name and age?

- David

- 18

Where do you come from?

- Scotland 

Can you speak/write in English to a high standard?

- Yes. 

Your interests away from World of Warcraft?

If i'm not gaming then i'm sleeping.

- Airsoft / paintball is also fun. 

Character info


- Fzino


- MM Hunter


- Blood Elf

Armory link:

-Hasn't seem to have updated since the release of Legion though.

What is your main role? :


What is your current/previous guild?:

- Uprising

Why did you leave/want to leave them?:

- N/A

How long have you played, and what is your current play time on the character that your applying with?:

- 18 days 17 hours on this current character which is my main from here onward.

Your raiding experience, Old and current content?:

- HFC Heroic (With Uprising)

- Not had much raiding experience in all honesty after coming back to the game only 2 months ago and most guilds only recruiting people who have previous raid experience making it damn near impossible for me to join in and get raid experience myself (bit of a catch 22..).

- I was researching raids and keeping up with the new tactics in the event that i do get into a raid. 

What addons do you use to help your performance in raids?:

- GTFO, BigWigs Bossmods and Details.

- Always looking for more suggestions though.

What is your general play style?:

- I like to research the raid before hand to know what i'm up against and obviously i may need to change depending on the boss, but basic rotation would be: 



Aimed shot x3,


Marked shot.


- I would be focusing on making sure the tank had all the threat and doing the highest DPS that i can. 

- As for pots i use an agility pre-pull pot and a second pot 2-3 seconds before pull (some bosses this will vary, as i do not want to waste the pot right at the start if i can use it more efficiently later on in the encounter) to increase agility once again (to increase DPS).

Please explain your talent/glyph choices:

- I check icy-Veins every few days to make sure i am using the latest and best rotations and talents for my class.

- Tier 1: Lone Wolf. This increases my DPS greatly and takes away the trouble of having a pet. Meaning that i can put all my attention into damaging and getting myself out of things that spawn on the floor.

- Tier 2: Lock and Load. I use this as it gives me 2 free cost (uses no focus) aimed shots which allows my focus to build up at the same time as dealing high damage.

- Tier 3: Posthaste. This allows me to get my little Elf butt out of the way and gives a chance to survive. 

- Tier 4: Patient Sniper. The increased focus, aimed shot damage and marked shot damage goes hand in hand with sidewinders making the rotation as powerful as it is. Overall increasing my damage output. 

- Tier 5: Binding Shot. Nice to have as it can keep mobs grouped up and has saved my life a few times as the 5 second stun along with disengage gets you far enough out of the way to survive and get off a few other abilities.

- Tier 6: Barrage. Powerful AOE burst dealing high damage.. I mean who doesn't love barrage.

- Tier 7: Sidewinders.  The "cherry on top" for MM Hunter. Dealing good AOE damage and complimenting Patient Sniper greatly making sidewinders an obvious choice for high damage output. 

Can you guarantee 75%+ attendance?:


Can you use Teamspeak during raids?:

Yes. I have previously been in your Teamspeak when i was raiding HFC with you.

Why did you chose to apply? Any reasons why we should recruit you?:

- I chose to apply with you as the people in this guild seem very friendly and eager to progress. Also my friends are there.

- I'm a fast learner. 

How did you find us?:

I am friends with Faye and a few others who raid with you currently :)

Extra Notes: 

- Although i do not have mythic raiding experience i do have Faye and a group of good friends/players who have taught me and helped me learn over the past two - three months. This mixed with my own research of the upcoming raids means that i should be able to hold my own, in a sense, during a raid. 


Thanks, David :)









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re: [Declined] Raid Application - 110 - MM Hunter - ilvl 831


Just to clear up some extra things.  I have and am currently doing dungeons and have previously raided HFC heroic with Uprising. 

I am a fast learner, I have been and will continue to learn my class and i ask for and take any advice or criticism i can get. I am a sponge, I shall take all the advice and help that i can get my hands on (sponge not to be confused with needy though). 

Thanks again, David. 


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re: [Declined] Raid Application - 110 - MM Hunter - ilvl 831


Hi Fzino,

Thanks for taking the time to apply. Unfortunately we are getting pretty full now and are only accepting exceptional applicants. Due to your lack of past raiding experience we are going to have to decline your application to the raid team at this time. You are of course welcome to remain in the guild as a social member and re-apply when you have some more experience in Legion. 

 - Elsayn

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