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re: Aphrodítes, Level 110, Fire Mage



Please accept this as my guild application. 

Personal Information:

My name is Rami. I am an easy going person who loves a good laugh and to meet new people. I am a people oriented person and have been playing WoW since Wrath of the Lich King. I was a Dota fan and was afraid to get hooked on WoW which is why it took some time for me to start the game.
Male, 30 years old, from Lebanon currently living and working in Oman.
I can speak, read & write english at a high standard. 
Apart from WoW, i do sports and indulge in reading.

Character Information:

Name: Aphrodítes
Class: Mage
Level 110
Armory Link:
Main Spec: Fire, Artifact Level 52
Off Spec: Frost. Artifact Level 34

Current Guild is Phased on Karazhan, been with the guild since WoD, with the launch of BRF. We fully cleared the content and went on to fully clear HFC (Both on HC Mode). It was a casual raiding guild which decided to go hardcore with the launch of Legion (after the core raiders and leaders left). Long story the guild disbanded.

Current/Previous raiding experience:

Emerald Nightmare (Full HC Clear), TOV (2/3 HC), Nighthold (Full Normal Clear, 7/10 HC).
Raided with Phased and cleared all the content on HC. (Raided with Eydude and Solo)
Took some time off for MoP as i hated that expansion. Did some casual raiding with pugs.
Raided with a local community group of friends on Kazzak EU as a protection warrior. (Cataclysm)
Raided with Rahl on Spinebreaker US as a protection warrior on Wotlk.


Addons used to improve the raiding performance:

- BigWigs
- Skada
- Tellmewhen
- Oval

I try to go for survival more than top dps meters. I believe/know it serves best the group to survive the fight target with the least mistakes possible.
Opening Rotation:
 - Pyroblast (Pre Pull)
 - Rune of Power 
 - Combustion
 - Fire Blast (If Hot streak available go as below, if not, follow Fire Blast with Phoenix Flames)
 - Pyroblast
 - Maintain rotation/alternation between Alexstrasza's Fury, Phoenix Flames & Fire Blast for instant pyros.


Talent choice:

- Conflagrate as most fights are aoe involved. Pyromaniac is a secondary talent i could use for a fully single fight encounter

- Shimmer all the way. The double heal potential helps a lot (Blink provides heal for Fire mages).

- Rune of power is my main choice as it helps a lot. The cooldown helps a lot and the double charge. In my opinion chosen at the right time it beats any other talent.

- Alesxtrasza's fury is my main choice. Combined with the legendary head it is has a very good output. At this point i would not go for another talent.

- Frenetic Speed for additional speed boost.

- Living bomb for AoE fights. Unstable Magic for single target fights.

- Meteor for single target fights. Cinderstorm for AoE fights.


As mentioned before, i am currently working in Oman.
I am currently working on an oil field therefore; my connection is acceptable but my TS is glitchy.
I can guarantee the attendance as per your schedule
I found Eydude and Solo via the LFR System. Joined them along with another guild member (Nondah). Got the proposal and here we are =) .


Thank you for taking the time to read all this.
I am looking for a new guild i can call home with a decent group of people.
Hope to hear from you guys soon.




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re: Aphrodítes, Level 110, Fire Mage


Hi Aphrotdite, thank you for taking the time to apply.


As the resident Fire Mage I just have a few questions for you that I'd like you to answer before we deliberate on your application.

Firstly, what consumables do you use? Do you use Prolonged Power on the prepull? If so why and if not does it effect your prepull rotation at all?

Would you say there are any merits to taking Flame Patch or Mirror Images / Incanters Flow?

Thank you again.



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re: Re:Application


Hello Viktis,


 - Consumable use is Prolonged Power and i use at the prepull. It does not affect my rotation.

 - Flame patch i am not using. As per the logs and forums i have read, most recommend Living Bomb especially for +8 mobs. I have tried it as well and found it to be less effective.
 - Mirror Image & Incanter's Flow is more of a preferential talent. It could prove to be very valid on fights that have too much movement. I would/do switch out of Rune of Power but it still is my main choice for most of the encounters.


Thank you


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