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re: [Accepted] eydude, outlaw rogue




tier 1: Ghostly strike is for me the best choice here atm, since i dont have the legendary bracers greenskin (bis legendary)

ghostly strikes is a 4k dps increse compair to quickdraw in single target and will only scale higher in aoe situasion. since the initial hit will be bigger.


tier 2: Acrobatic strike is my main talent here, since it allowes to bladefury to hit futher mobs away from me, but if there is any fights that high movement is needed grappling hook is a key talent.

but i have to se the fight and feel it out first to make that call. hit and run is a talent u use when u have the legendary boots, which gives dmg increese to run through. boots are the 4th bis item but since i have shoulders[secound bis] and ravenhold ring[3rd bis]


tier 3: deeper stratagem is my main talent here, since it gives my run through 5% more dmg and another combopoint per cast, possibility of 6. vigor sims atm 7k lower for me, but when i was gearing up

vigor was the highest dmg talent. it changed since i finaly have enought stats to make deeper strategem the better talent


tier 4: this row is between elusiveness and cheat death, knowing the fights here makes elusiveness the best one, if there is a cleave everyone has to stand in and i can easly se it on bigwigs, its not that 

hard to press it 1 sec before and reduse its dmg by 30%, cheat death is a good talent when u dont feel like u know the fights to well or there is alot of mechanics that can 1shot u, or if the raid require me to sock something with it


tier 5: in 99% of the fights i will most likely use diry tricks since it helps me out with the last combopoint to get a 6 point run through. since u dont want to use slash on 5, potensjonly loosing out on a combopoint.

since slash has a chance of striking a addisional time, 55% chanse with joyse from roll the bones. 

but if the raid requires prey on the weak, to kill some importent mob to get 10% more dmg for all in the raid for 4 secounds im more then happy to do it.


tier 6: here is the go to talent alacrity in st and aoe. it outscale cannonball barrage and killingspree by quite alot. so kinda a no brainer


tier 7: marked for death is the go to talent here aswell, death from above is better for 10+ mobs constantly but because of the animasions it isnt really that good, cant use it in cds because of energy capping is bad

slice and dice is still behind roll the bones on dps even tho it just got a buff (15% more energy regen)






outlaw rogues opener are almost never the same, this is because of the randomness of Roll the bones and that slash has a chance to hit dobble or give you a free pistol shot. so its a reactive specc to play.

for popping cds u want to have ether true bearing or shark infested waters (crit buff), if crit buff and no true bearing you reroll after cds are over or that you have gotten a dobble buff.

also when i get evensualy get the legendary bracers roll the bones becomes kinda harder since our priority changes from 2buffs or true bearing/SiW to 3 buffs or true bearing.

this is because your pistol shot is increesed by 200% everytime you use between the eye. and you want true bearing to refresh the cd of it all day long. 

also since i have the legendary shoulders that grants you 100%crit from every time you exit stealth true bearing is the mother load of all the buffs from rtb, you can with good rng get 20-25% uptime on 100% crit 


but if i have to write a idea of how you want it to go down it has to be something like this:

Marked for death (11Sec before pull) - Roll the bones and Potions (1 sec before pull) - Ambush - Ghostly strike - Slash - ether reroll roll the bones if crappy buffs or use run through - Vanish (if good buffs because of legendary shoulders,100% crit) adrenaline rush - roll more if needed if not pop artifact weapon and start slash - run through


at the first slash u you are also a place where the rogue has to be ready for what you want to do, did you get 6 combopoints? did broadsides proc to give you to many cps? did you get 5cp? pistol shot proc or no? use gouge to get the last cp? 

there is alot of ways to manage the situvasion. which makes the specc alot of fun but also the pain for uber crappy rng xD


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re: [Accepted] eydude, outlaw rogue



Thanks for taking the time to fill in the application. Welcome back to the raid team

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