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re: [Accepted] Zënimara, 878, Guardian Druid


Please post as the title of your application your character's name, level, class and spec.

Personal Information
Please note that whilst it is not mandatory for you to fill in your personal details, it would be appreciated if you would provide this information.

Your real name and age?

Richard, 30

Where do you come from?

United States originally, now in Germany

Can you speak/write in English to a high standard?

I can, though the Brits may not agree with my American grammar.

Your interests away from World of Warcraft?

Overwatch, D3, Disc Golf, and school take up most of my time.

Character Information
Please answer the questions below in as much detail as possible.

Name: Zënimara



Armory Link:

What is your main Spec?


Artifact Level?


Whats your Off-spec and OS artifact level?

I am currently working on Balance as my OS, though my artifact is only around 30

What is your current/previous guild?

Blank Space

Why did you leave/want to leave them?

I was GM of the guild, and the overall atmosphere and attitude were not to a standard I enjoyed raiding with them anymore.  Being GM and RL, it adds alot a stress, and without much help the raid atmosphere died.

Your raiding experience, Old and Current Content?

I was 3/7M EN, 2/3HC ToV, 6/10 NM NH.  Before that I raided anywhere from Top-500 to Top-50 World in the US

What addons do you use to help your performance in raids?

My main ones are WeakAuras, along with Exorsus and a few quality of life add-ons.  Outside of ElvUI and WA, not much is used within raid. 

Briefly outline your play style. Including pre-pull actions, opening rotations and general actions you take during an encounter.  

Tanking is fairly reactive so a rotation is not used.  Using Mangle/Thrash/GG procs to generate rage, and Ironfur/Mark of Ursol as main mitigation during the fight, and possibly padding a little DPS ;).  Going to be getting into catweaving in NH. 

Please explain your talent choices. Give examples of what you take on a given boss encounter and the reason you choose these talents over others.  

Bear talent choices are pretty straightforward and do not change much from fight to fight.  Swapping Rend and Tear for Pulverize will be the only main swap, depending on the fight style. 

Please provide a combat log parse (Warcraft logs link or similar).

Can you use TeamSpeak for communication during raids?


We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20:30-23:30, can you guarantee 75%+ attendance?


Why did you choose us to apply to? Any reasons why we should recruit you?

I spoke briefly with Ryslice and the guild seemed interesting, so after checking wowprogress and the website the overall atmosphere seemed to be things I was looking for, clearing content and enjoying the team while you do it. I study my class extensively, and currently act as a "regular" in the Bear Discord, constantly helping others improve their play (They seem to think I know what Im doing, image lol)

How did you find out about us?  

I was added from my lfg post and had a short chat before doing a bit of research on my own and deciding to apply.


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re: [Accepted] Zënimara, 878, Guardian Druid


Hi Nex,

Thank you for taking the time to apply, I'm pleased to offer you a trial spot on the raid team.

 - Elsayn

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