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re: [Accepted] Hananlaji, Restoration Druid



!!! ""This is an updated version of my old application, if you find anything wierd in how I form sentences, keep in mind some of this was written pre-legion""  !!!


Your real name and age?

Alexander, 25


Where do you come from?

Hønefoss, Norway


Can you speak/write in English to a high standard?



Your interests away from World of Warcraft?

Soccer, Friends and other Games (Smite and Hearthstone basicly)


Character Information


Name: Hananlaji


Class: Druid


Level: 110


Race: Troll


Armory Link:


What is your main role - tank, healer or dps?



Whats your Off-spec?



List your main professions and level.

Leatherworking (800), Skinning (800)


What is your current/previous guild?

The Forgotten Chapter


Why did you leave /want to leave them?

I raided with them until mid october, and dispeared for 2 months (talked to Ryslice about this). I now came back mid december, and want a guild that raid 3 nights a week.


How long have you played, and whats the current playtime on your Character your applying with?

Your raiding experience, Old and Current Content?

Ill take these two together. I started playing WoW right before the release of TBC.

In TBC I played warlock as main, restodruid and hpala as alts. Cleared everything except sunwell prenerf, even tho I got carried by my friends guild as I was pretty bad back then.

In WotlK I switched to healing, as I found it more fun than dps in raids, I switched main to Holy Priest. Cleared most content in all tiers, some more highend than others. Only missed the end of icc hc and ruby sactum, as I had a break. As alts in wotlk, I played rdruid, rsham and protpala.

In Cata I switched to Disc, and raided the normal version of the first raids, but for irl reasons, I quit right after cata release. I started again right after DS came out, and raided full dragon soul heroic with "Bane" on Ragnaros-EU.

Mist I did barely play at all.

In WoD I played at the start of the expansion in "Retros" Ragnaros-EU, to try something new, I decided to play Prot Warr in Draenor, this was a cool experience, even tho I decide to go back to healing now. Anyways, we cleared Blackhand Heroic pretty early, and then had a guildmerge because we needed more player for our mythic team, wich did result in a guilddisband. Then I quit wow, again ^^

Now in Legion I finished 7/7EN hc and 1/7 EN M before october 20. After I came back (December 15) I cleared TOV hc and done Ursoc M in a pug.

On my lock from TBC(Old acc) I had around 100 days played.

On my priest, Saltx-Ragnaros, I have 143 days played.

On my other druid, Zafirah-Ragnaros I have 20 days played (Druid from tbc was about same I guess)

On my prot warr Nohez-Ragnaros I have 36 days played.

Allso have tons days as Restosham,  Pala holy/prot and offc other classes aswell.

Got around 20 days on my druid at 110 now. (Boosted to 100 right before Legion)

Allso have a 110 Blood DK on alliside wich I played some recently.



What addons do you use to help your performance in raids?

Dominos, Grid, MoveAnything, Omen, TidyPlates, Recount, DBM

Less important addons for better ui: Prat, Chatter and SexyMap

Allso like to add that I use Mouse-over Macros for all healingspells++, and been doing so since wotlk. 


What is your general play style? Please include what you would do pre-pull, opening rotation and then what actions you generally take throughout an encounter.

First of all pre-hots before a pull as a druid is sometimes important.

Always keep lifebloom on the tank taking most dmg at anytime (Or on debuffed people in some situations)

Keep bloom up at a suiting spot (unless there are no aoe at all)

Always rej  on any tank taking damage. (Regrowth is damage is high)

Now for the playstyle, Im pretty new back to druid, but it havent changed much, I really like Soul of the forest, as it gives me the oppertunity to use Swiftmend as a burstheal, and at the same time an activator for another burstheal, either a big regrowth for singletarget, or a wildgrowth for heavy aoe healing (wich gets even better with the artifact-tree in legion) or even sometimes for a improoved rej pre-reactive of incomming dmg.

Its important to find places to use flourish and Essence of GHanir at suiting times, wich allso suits their cooldown.

Its allso very important for me to register the time it takes to defeat a boss, and the time between things that hit, to have a base plan before the encounter how to use my tranq/barks and trinketuse. (Even tho its sorted out when and on who in most highend guilds, but for some fights, you have control of those abilities yourself) And allso if you have long boss fights, its argueable to use one tranq on a early aoe burst to save other healers from flashing their mana to heal it back up, when the real dmg dont hit in 3mins anyways.


There is alot these or that situational stuff to write, but ill end it there.




Please explain your talent choices. Where relevant please explain why you would change any of these.

Tier 1: Prosperity
The reason I choose this is simply because I run soul of the forsest, and I think its to good with soul of the forest, may allso be the strongest pick without sotf, maybe Abundance is good for some playstyles or bosses if you dont run sotf.

Tier 2, 3 and 4: Depending on boss fight.
2 and 3 are all about the boss mechanics I think, sometimes you want speed and more speed. sometimes you want dmgreduction and selfheal, sometimes you need more range for your healing. t4 sometimes 1 of them is useful, sometimes none.

But for core I use Balance af for range, renewal and mighty bash.

Tier 5: Soul of the Forest
I think all 3 talents here is very good in different ways. But soul of the forest suits my playstyle very good, and it gives me more sustain healing troughout the whole encounter. So this far I think I will stick with this talent unless some mechanics make any of the other 2 insane for a spesific fight. Allso explained about sotf previous questuion.

I will try out the tranq cd reduce in some fights in the nearest future after I just got the legendary boots wich powers tranq even more.

Tier 6: Spring Blossoms
Before legion, I tought 2x rej was knocking out the others, but I think Spring blossoms is the best now. People have to move out of it so often, and people move so much in most fights, so the extra hot just makes efflorence good in more situation, and does not feel wasted so often anymore. 

Tier 7: Flourish
This is the best one for raids.



Can you use TeamSpeak for communication during raids?



We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20:30-23:30, can you guarantee 75%+ attendance?



Why did you choose us to apply to? Any reasons why we should recruit you?

I was looking for a new home, and a decent raiding guild, I did read about this guild on wowprogress and on this site, and it seems like just the kind of guild I am looking for. I want to be serious with raiding, but at the same time have alot of fun, and this seems like a place for that.
I am polite and on time for raids, always bringing flasks and a smile.
I allso like to know a fight from all perspectives before a raidnight so I can bring knowledge into the fight that may help find the best possible way to deal with the mechanics


How did you find out about us?


Thank you for reading my application.


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re: [Accepted] Hananlaji, Restoration Druid


Nice app, clearly taken time over it. Havent played Resto druid for a while so will let Eddie look it over but good luck with the application :D



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re: [Accepted] Hananlaji, Restoration Druid


Great application, and based on the fact that we already invited you, welcome to the guild!

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