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Mist runner

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re: [Accepted] Mistrunner, 877ilvl Windwalker Monk


Personal Information


Your real name and age?

Michał, 26.

Where do you come from?

 I am from Poland, but currently I live in Netherlands.

Can you speak/write in English to a high standard?


Your interests away from World of Warcraft?

Games, esport, movies and tv series mostly.


Character Information


Name: Mistrunner



Armory Link:

What is your main Spec?


 Artifact Level?


Whats your Off-spec and OS artifact level?

Mistweaver, 18

What is your current/previous guild?

Aen Hanse

Why did you leave/want to leave them?

Sadly, my guild is very inactive. People have stopped playing before we could start HC Emerald Nightmare.

Of course we are a casual guild, but I want to do something more than just PuG'ing all new content.

Your raiding experience, Old and Current Content?

With my current guild I have done full EN normal.

Some bosses in EN HC including Xavius are PuG kills.


From the old content:

TBC: Karazhan, Mag, Gruul, SSC, TK, BT and MH

WotLK: Naxx10/25, Ulduar10, TotC10/25HC, ICC10/25HC

Cata: BD/BoT10HC, TotfW10N

MoP: Few bosses in MV


What addons do you use to help your performance in raids?

DBM, WeakAuras.

 Briefly outline your play style. Including pre-pull actions, opening rotations and general actions you take during an encounter.

Right before pull I use my chi wavefor combo, pre-pot and FSK for another combo then I pop my trinket, ToD, Serenity, trying to fit as many strong abilities for that 8s. after this I use RSK, SotW, FoF every cd until next Serenity. I'm trying to time my best abilities into Serenity/ToD for best performance.

With my legendary cloak I use my ToK on strong boss abilities like Ursoc's Focused Gaze.


Please explain your talent choices. Give examples of what you take on a given boss encounter and the reason you choose these talents over others.

Currently WW does not have much talent choice since SEF is buggy so I take Serenity. SEF sure can do nice AoE damage on big packs, but with Serenity I make much more dps on boss fights.

From other row: Hit Combo is simply the best talent, at least in PvE.


Please provide a combat log parse (Warcraft logs link or similar).

This is propably not my best performance, but I don't think I have any better log to show right now.

Can you use TeamSpeak for communication during raids?


We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20:30-23:30, can you guarantee 75%+ attendance?

Should be fine, unless I have to work on evening(happens rarely).

Why did you choose us to apply to? Any reasons why we should recruit you?

Honestly, I have chosen Uprising because my friend told me about it, then I have found that this could be good guild for me, not too hardcore and not too casual like my current guild. I'd like to see some more content with a friendly environment. My hopes are that I can still find some fun and enjoy this game.


How did you find out about us?

From Kreatura.


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re: [Accepted] Mistrunner, 877ilvl Windwalker Monk


Hi Mistrunner,

Thank you for taking the time to apply. We would like to offer you a trial spot on the raid team. Please /w myself or another officer for a guild invite.

Welcome to the team

 - Elsayn

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