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re: [Accepted] Lawled Fire Mage


Name: André Langli


From: Norway, Drammen


Age: 25


Info About yourself: im a electrision working for a company called Caverion, i have been doing this for a little over 8 years.

i grew up at a place called tranby in norway, playing wow and cs1,6 constantly :P doing good in both games. 

been in top guilds, top clan in cs1,6 in norway. doing well on the gathering 2008 in 1on1 turnement there.


the mage im playing is the first char i ever created, back in vanila secound day of release. i have 394 days played on it xD 

110 hours on orgrimmar bank roof back when version 1 org was

on my computer :D 

i played it during all of vanila and tbc, didnt have any alts. thats kinda typical me, i do not play alts.

but i focus on 1 char and will do very well on it, i usually top the dmg meter and dodge stuff really well.

and with the mage tools its pretty easy, and i love the playstyle of it :D

but arcane is a specc im considering powering up after artifact lvls are high enought to do it like in 2-4 days but thats not yet.


Class: im a mage 


Level: 110


Armory Link:


What is your main Spec? Fire :D thats the specc i pref out of the 3 mages speccs, i will mainly focus on it, but i will later on upgrade the arcane weapon


Artifact Level? on fire its 25 soon to be 26, have 97k of 138k


Whats your Off-spec and OS artifact level? my off specc is arcane but i havent done much with it, my arcane is 13


What is your current/previous guild? Liertun gaming :D its a guild i created just for my real life friends to be in while we did mythic+. liertun gaming is a elderly home where me and my friends are from :P


Why did you leave/want to leave them? 3 of them joined here xD Zarinz/solocide lavendel and yamih


Your raiding experience, Old and Current Content? hehe u asked for it xD


Vanilla: started off in zg and mc with a guild called berzerkers on balnazzar, i was playing mage back then aswell.

the mage im playing now xD. after zg and mc was completed 110% we went over to bwl and aq, 

in bwl we did 6-7 bosses  and cleared aq20 and all up to twins on aq40. 

we did not manage to get to naxramas.


then tbc: i left berzerkers in the end of vanila where me and my friends, zarinz, yamih and some other started our on guildssss(alot of different guilds :P) 

but we manage each time to be really high end guild on the server, 

but for the dung i did was all kara, grull, magtheridons lair, eye, ssc and mh,

in bt i ended up only killing like 2 bosses because of 

counterstrike 1.6 back in that time. 


WOTLK: this exp :P i was one of the retards rerolling 

a dk back then xD and at the start of the exp we joined 

Art of Loosing but later in nax tier we was guild nr 3 and we 

joined forces with the nr 2 guild. we manage to get the immortal titel

from nax 25 man first on the server:D but so after that the guild was disbanded 

and we made a new guild (This guilds name was Amused to Death, you might know it, as it was very prominant on Defias brotherhood for a few expansions) 

I joined another guild after Amused disbanded, this guild i cant really remember what it is called again but we did all of ulduar and some of the hardmodes and totc and start of icc.

i didnt kill LK before the exp.


cata: only thing i raided here was Firelands and dragonsoul with my priest, 

was healing as holy. did all of it in normal and just the first 3-4 bosses on mythic or what it was called back then


then mop: the whole exp i was focusing on pvp, ended up with 2k on my dk and 1,9k on my rogue in 2s and 3s


Wod: same here really as mop, i mostly where focusing on pvp as a rogue but i did blackrock foundary with a guild called phased, with Solocide.

just a heroic guild with a small group having fun. did all of it and started in hellfire citadel and did fairly good but not the best, was casual gamer then



What addons do you use to help your performance in raids? 


-bigwigs(i can  use anotherone if thats better but i have been using this 

since my pve time on the rogue)





Briefly outline your play style. Including pre-pull actions, opening rotations and general actions you take during an encounter.


prepot-hardcast pyro-runeofpower- if pyro crits fireblast / if not phenix flame-fireblast -

 pyro - fireblast - pyro - flame on - fireblast - pyro - fireblast -

 pyro - phenix flame - pyro - phenix flame - pyro - rune of power - phenix flame - pyro - fireblast -

 pyro - then normal roation


my priority is to cast much pyro as fucking possible :P casting fireball. 

using fireblast to get procs and cast pyro, also posision my self so i can cinderstorm the boss pref on cd.

living bomb mobs if the spawn for a short time for max dmg on theboss. 

but this might change when i get blueflame trait in my weapon (more dmg to flamestrike) and the talent flame patch. 

during each combustion u also get a small noncombustion 

burst with flame on and rune of power but i feel like this naturly comes in to the rotation during a fight


Please explain your talent choices. Give examples of what you take on a given boss encounter and the reason you choose these talents over others.


first tieri have conflagration, the dps difference between that and pyrotechnition is so low on singletarget. so when there is small aoe conflagration always comes ahead.


tier 2 is self explained i feel like, shimmer for 99% of the fights and for the last 1% is when there is a ability i have to soak with cauterize, dont think cold snap is a talent to go for xD


tier 3 is sadly also a talent like tier 2, only 1 really good choice. and that is rune of power, it gives more % dmg over time then incanter's flow and mirrror image


tier 4, flame on! do i need to say more? best talent by FAR here :P


tier 5 same here really, ice floes for movement and use ring of frost of there is requiered that i need it for a fight


tier 6 here is a hard one! :D ok now im talking boss adds, if the adds are there for a really short time, living bomb, if they stay there for a long time and are more then 3 and i have blue flame trait i will use flame patch. if there is no adds at all i will use unstable magic


tier 7 is between kindling and cinderstorm but cinderstorm pulls out in most fights, unless there is no adds and the boss hit zone is small and not all of the cinderstorm bullets hits, kindling is better


Please provide a combat log parse (Warcraft logs link or similar).


Can you use TeamSpeak for communication during raids? ofc :P


We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20:30-23:30, can you guarantee 75%+ attendance? yeah that will be no problem =)


Why did you choose us to apply to? Any reasons why we should recruit you? 

i choose u guys because of my friends in the guild, Zarinz/solocide lavendel and yamih. 

also a good reason to take me in is that im an experience raider with decent gear, 

im a guy that is going to be there alot more then 75%. my humor is special, 

i just have to say that :P ask zarinz if u like. but in the start im really quite, 

but eventually i will open up and alot of sarcasm is coming :D 


How did you find out about us? Zarinz/solocide lavendel and yamih:D <3


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re: [Accepted] Lawled Fire Mage


Wow, gl on your application, you have put a lot of effort into your app. I rarely play mage but i am sure our GM can take a look and see how it plays out. Gl with your app


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re: [Accepted] Lawled Fire Mage


Hi Lawled,

Thank you for taking the time to apply. We would like to offer you a trial spot for the raid team. Please contact an officer in game for a guild invite.

Welcome to the guild.

 - Elsayn

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