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re: [Accepted] Lokaan - Arms Warrior


 Personal Information

Please note that whilst it is not mandatory for you to fill in your personal details, it would be appreciated if you would provide this information.

Your real name and age?

Pete Weaver 23

Where do you come from?

United Kingdom

Can you speak/write in English to a high standard?


Your interests away from World of Warcraft?

Body building

Character Information
Please answer the questions below in as much detail as possible.









Armory Link:

What is your main role - tank, healer or dps?


Whats your Off-spec?

Unholy DK

List your main professions and level.

Enchanting and Alchemy

What is your current/previous guild?

Misty Moon massive/imperious

Why did you leave /want to leave them?

I left imperious when the guild fell apart and then I joined misty moon massive however I have decided to leave as I can no longer attend their Sunday raids.

How long have you played, and whats the current playtime on your Character your applying with?

I've played since TBC pretty religiously and raided since WOTLK however I stopped playing during WOD as I did not enjoy the game at that time. I have been playing my DK since the end of WOD when I subbed to the game again

Your raiding experience, Old and Current Content?

ICC 25 hc 6/12, 6/6 BWD hc, 4/4 Bastion of Twilight hc, 2/2 Tot4W hc, 6/7 Fireman's HC, 6/8 Dragon Soul hc, 6/6 MSV hc, 6/6 HoF hc, 4/4 ToES hc, 12/13 Tottenham hc, 14/14 SoO hc

What addons do you use to help your performance in raids?

DBM, Details!, Tidy Plates, ElvUI, GTFO, weakauras2

What is your general play style? Please include what you would do pre-pull, opening rotation and then what actions you generally take throughout an encounter.

BURST - 2 secs to pull use pre-pot, charge, avatar, battle cry, bloodfury (racial), colossal smash, slam/hamstring/focused rage macro(while battle cry is up) until 3 stacks of focused rage, mortal strike

After initial burst spell priority is - colossal smash (to apply debuff) > focused rage (to 3 stacks) > mortal strike > smash (to prevent rage cap)

Use battle cry on cool down and when up use BURST rotation

Please explain your talent/glyph choices. Where relevant please explain why you would change any of these.

Tier 1 - Dauntless (st), sweeping strikes (cleave)

Tier 2 - Double time (no stun needed) or shockeave

Tier 3 - Avatar (Nice burst dps), 

Tier 4 - Bounding stride (nice for menouverability)

Tier 5 - Focused rage (what my build is focused around)

Tier 6 - deadly calm (for bust phases)

Tier 7 - anger management  (bust more often)

Please provide a combat log parse (Warcraft logs link or similar).

I have no recent logs sorry but you can run some dungeons with me in game if you like to see my capabilities

Can you use TeamSpeak for communication during raids?

Yes I have this downloaded ready to go

We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20:30-23:30, can you guarantee 75%+ attendance?

Yes during the week raiding is perfect for me

Why did you choose us to apply to? Any reasons why we should recruit you?

I previously applied on my DK and was advised to apply on my warrior instead as you're full on death knights :)

I chose this guild as your raid times are ideal for me being able to maintain 100% attendance and when I saw your advert you sounded like a guild which would be good to be a part of because you seem to understand what you are doing as a raid team, and seemed like a nice.

I think I could fit in well with this guild and make myself a valuable member of the team, I will maintain good attendance and always give 100% in all raids and also help people out of raid and try to be a member of the guild as well as a member of the raid :)

If you want to contact me in game to find out more about me or play with me a little to find out if I'm what you're looking for the whisper me on Sergil in game:D

How did you find out about us?

  • I saw an advert for the guild on forums and liked what I saw :)

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re: [Accepted] Lokaan - Arms Warrior


Hello Lokaan,

Thanks for applying again. As we discussed previously you are welcome to move over to the guild when you are ready. If you prefer to do that now or when you have more gear thats up to you, we can begin your trial as soon as you are raid ready. just give me a /w when you want an invite.

 - Elsayn

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